3 NLP Techniques that Will Help You Build Wealth




There are plenty of wealth-building strategies out there, but these science-based techniques may be a game-changer. Find out how NLP can help you obtain financial freedom.

You go to seminars and conferences. Maybe you’ve read all the books and paid for a workshop or two.

It seems like nowadays everyone has a strategy to increase wealth… But there’s one set of techniques no one’s really talking about in this regard.

And that’s NLP.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, first came about in the 1970s and is now relatively widespread. But NLP techniques are mainly found in the realm of communication and psychotherapy.

Where does it come into play when talking about wealth?

NLP has many applications when it comes to achieving financial freedom. Here’s an example:

Personal development guru Tony Robbins has made no secret about his difficult upbringing. He left an abusive home at a young age and had to fend for himself. There were times he wondered if he’d end up on the streets.

But he pulled himself out of that environment and frame of mind with the help of his mentor, motivational speaker Jim Rohn. Tony also studied NLP to attain his dreams of helping himself and the other people suffering around him.

Today he’s one of the most well-known and influential NLP coaches in the world.

Discover why Tony Robbins became a believer in the power of NLP. And learn how it can help you on the road to your success.

Build Wealth with NLP Techniques

Many people achieve success by landing a high-paying career. Their jobs generate the wealth they always dreamed about.

Other people invest wisely and slowly build an investment empire on their road to wealth.

If you’re lucky, you may inherit a ton of money, and your entry into the world of wealth is automatic.

But most of us have to work for it.

Working to build wealth isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There’s a tremendous sense of achievement when one finally gets there.

However, we can give ourselves an advantage when pursuing wealth by using the NLP techniques below…

It All Starts with Your Mindset 

People get funny about money.

Generally, the biggest roadblock that stops people from financial success is themselves. You see, many have this belief that prosperity simply isn’t possible for them. They create mental barriers closing themselves off from the one thing they want most.

The sad thing is that holding limiting beliefs on an unconscious level has a huge impact, but you won’t even realise it. Each time you try to move forward, your unconscious mind does something to push you back.

Some people dream of wealth but spend their entire life living from paycheque to paycheque.  They may talk about wanting success, but deep down inside they don’t actually believe it could happen.

Some common limiting beliefs about money include:

  • Finances are too complicated.
  • If I invest, I’ll lose my money.
  • I’m too old to start building wealth.
  • You need money to make money.
  • I’m not in the right financial place to start planning.

You may not have much control over what limiting beliefs you hold. Children often unconsciously pick them up at an early age. In NLP, they’re called “imprints.” They can serve as the foundation for limiting, as well as empowering, beliefs.

It’s the unhealthy and limiting imprints we picked up as children that create obstacles in adulthood.

Identifying your limiting beliefs is the first step in changing your circumstances. After all, you can’t change what you aren’t aware of, right?

From there, you can use a variety of NLP techniques to break down those negative imprints.

For example, many people don’t achieve financial success because they simply don’t believe it’s possible. NLP techniques can help you change your worldview on financial success. It can help you open up to a world of possibilities where prosperity and abundance are possible.

NLP techniques get to the core of the problems surrounding your beliefs about money. These techniques can help you change your mindset about wealth and put you in a state of mind that’s capable of receiving it.


Can hypnosis help you on the road to wealth?

Many famous people, including Sylvester Stallone, have used this tool to achieve success in various areas of their life. Celebrities use it for different things, such as career success and quitting addictive behaviours. This technique is popular because it can help you overcome the barriers that are keeping you from being your best self.

Many people have blockages from past events and experiences. Some may say that these experiences are part of being human. But these blocks can serve as barriers to your potential success.

With NLP hypnosis techniques, you can reprogram the subconscious mind and remove those blocks from your timeline. One of the key aspects of this technique is getting rid of the hurtful or negative emotional charges associated with your experiences. Emotions like anxiety, fear, and anger can hamper your efforts to move forward.

Timeline therapy is also used with self-hypnosis. This therapy helps a person remove limiting beliefs and irrational emotions about things from the past and past selves.

Removing negative associations is just one benefit of this technique. Once they’re gone, you can start programming your mind to use positive mental resources instead.

Self-hypnosis and timeline therapy are different from conventional therapy. In some cases, conventional therapy may force the person to relive past traumas in order to work through them.

In contrast, these NLP techniques start from a “safe place” and take you back, through the trauma, to another “happy place.” Sandwiching the trauma between a safe place and a happy place allows you to look at it from a distance. And your body has a different reaction to the trauma when this type of therapy is used.

You can also imagine your timeline sequence as a film strip. The beginning is a safe place, and the end is a happy or safe place. Starting from the safe place, you zip through the experience and stop once you’ve reached your safe place again.

Using this technique, the traumatic experience will have less impact each time you view it. It’s like rewinding through a scene in a movie. You’re aware of the event, but you’re not invested in it. From there, you can work to get past those deep-seated beliefs and rewrite how your mind sees your situation.


In NLP, the pacing technique helps you gain and maintain rapport with another person. The rapport is built over a period of time because you join that person in their world model. Typically, rapport comes from matching or mirroring their outward behaviour.

For example, you can enter into a client’s model of their world by using the same talking speed or body posture that they do.

Imagine running alongside a runner in a marathon. That’s what pacing looks like. Except it happens using subtle vocal and body cues.

Pacing is a useful technique to use with clients or other influential people in your life. Creating a rapport can increase your success and wealth because it helps build trust and mutual understanding. That, in turn, opens up new opportunities that might not be available if the person didn’t feel that level of trust.


When it comes to the NLP reframing technique, Tony Robbins wrote the book on it. Literally.

Tony wrote a number of books that focus on reframing your mindset for wealth and success in every area of your life.

Why is reframing such a big deal?

In NLP, this technique revolves around the idea that meaning depends on your point of view. Each time you change the context or frame, the meaning also has the potential to change. The phrase “reframing” comes from this process of change.

Reframing your life, present and past, can help you gain perspective on certain situations. It can also change your responses and behaviours, depending on the change.

For example, watching someone slipping on a banana peel might make you laugh because you are an observer. But your response would probably be different if you reframed that same situation as the victim.

Reframing situations to see a different point of view has a positive impact on your life. It can affect the way you view things and your own behaviours in response. When you see positive things around you, you start attracting positive opportunities in return.

According to Tony Robbins, “Changing what something means changes the decisions you make. Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning you give it.”

The Takeaway

There are a lot of limiting beliefs about money. Many people think that you need to have a certain amount to start planning wealth. Or maybe you need a large amount of money to make money.

Some people think that finances are too difficult to understand, so they never try to build wealth.

Or they don’t believe that success can happen to them.

All of these beliefs can block your potential for financial success and yet, there are some NLP techniques that can help to release these limitations.

You don’t need a fancy, high-paying career or a large inheritance to build wealth. Those advantages and resources may help you build wealth faster. But that doesn’t mean you need them for success.

The right NLP techniques can help you clear the path to prosperity and abundance. And you may feel more satisfaction because you achieved your wealth goals through your own efforts.

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