Life Design

Hold on to your seats people, you are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Life Design is quite simply one of the most enlightening, inspiring, uplifting experiences you could give to yourself. 

We’ve combined the experience with huge amounts of practical nuts & bolts information and brought in experts to give you the most up to date tools and strategies to dramatically change your life for the better.

Over 7 entirely captivating days, our handpicked team of experts reveal every single secret, tip, and ‘advanced strategy’ you need to create a lifestyle of abundance, freedom and happiness. The kind you’ve been dreaming about for years – 100% guaranteed.

We lock the doors, tape you to your seat if necessary, and make sure you don’t leave until you’ve got a super detailed, nuts & bolts action plan, a step-by-step guide for achieving your goals and dreams over the next 7 years!

We found a bunch of experts, added them to our team, and they’re just itching to reveal their latest and most advanced secrets for financial freedom, relationship bliss, emotional mastery, extraordinary health, business success, a fulfilling career, and more. Honestly, you’d absolutely be doing yourself a diservice if you DIDN’T join us for this life changing week.

Let us show you how to get out of the rat-race and really start living.

Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, in a relationship or looking for a sizzling hot romance, sitting on a pile of assets or struggling to buy your first home, as long as you’re someone who knows that life has a whole lot more to offer than it’s currently giving you, someone who wants to experience real freedom and stay healthy enough to enjoy it for years to come, then it is vital that you find out more about Life Design.

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Life Design is a time-tested, results-guaranteed program that gives you whole-of-life success.

It leaves every seminar, course, book and CD set on wealth creation or personal development TRAILING IN ITS DUST. We are not kidding.

Yea yea, you’ve heard it all before, right? Well here’s why…

Because it takes all the parts of the success equation and puts them together, leaving you with a personalised “nuts and bolts” blueprint you can use to achieve whatever you want in the next 7 years.

Life Design is not a one size fits all solution. It’s not about telling you what we think you should do. It’s not about forcing you to do things that aren’t right for you.

It’s about giving you all the options. It’s about pinpointing which strategies will work best for you, then, combining them in an individual action plan, a personalised Roadmap for achieving all your goals and dreams over the next 5 years.

And we’re talking about the hot stuff here. Just imagine...

  • being in an intensely passionate, rock-solid, mutually-satisfying relationshipwith your soul-mate, and, having the health, energy and vitality to enjoy it for decades to come
  • doing rewarding, highly-paid, fulfilling work that you’re proud to tell your friends about, along with the know-how to reach the top in any business or profession you choose (in a fifth of the time it takes anyone else
  • and having more money than you could ever need, plus, the inner peace to be blissfully happy with or without a house and garage full of the finest luxury goods

Are your juices flowing yet? They should be. Because this is the sort of lifestyle you can look forward to after Life Design. And if you’re as serious about this as we are (and our serious-o-meter is off the scale), you won’t be waiting too long for it to happen.

This is your opportunity to spend an entire week studying with our handpicked team of experts. You’ll leave with absolute certainty that you’re on track to create the lifestyle of your dreams, because you’ll have an super-detailed “nuts and bolts” action plan—tailor-made to your specific circumstances. You’ll know what to do, how to do it and when to do it!

There’s no better time than right now to start changing your life…

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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I am eternally grateful to Success & You for the clarity it’s allowed me to access in my own life. Because of Life Design by Success & You, I discovered that I want to lead and learn for the rest of my life. It’s allowed me to journey outside of my comfort zone. It’s allowed me to remember to LOVE MYSELF. It’s allowed me to rediscover my true potential and resurrected my childlike wonder for the universe around me. I’m not sure where I would be had I not come across Success & You, but that doesn’t matter anymore, because I know where I’m going and I don’t think anything will stop me from getting there now!

Catherine DeLuca

DO LIFE DESIGN! Do it! Do Life Design. You will learn everything you need to know to set and achieve your life dreams and enjoy the process along the way. The week is priceless. It is worth an infinity of the cost. What is your life dream worth? What would you pay to save your life? That is the question. Whatever it takes!!!! You will meet beautiful people who love unconditionally. Who show you unconditional love. You will want to give them so much love in return by the end of the week. The coaches at Success & You passionately want you to achieve your goals. They believe in the program. They are achieving their life goals. They will show you how to believe in and achieve your life goals. Please do this course. DO IT!!!!

Emily O’Connell

I had my first experience with Success & You at PSI, from that weekend my life changed and I went on to do the Become a Success Coach and Life Design. Success & You has helped me to create a life I love, to find amazing relationships, to grow a bigger better inspiring future than I truly imagined and believed was possible. I’ve found true friends, am inspired by the Success & You team every week and stayed for consistent one-on-one coaching which is absolutely the backbone to my success. I have learnt so many negative beliefs I’d created were holding me back and keeping me sad, I was always putting on a happy face. The people in my life noticed quite quickly how I had changed and comment on how happy I am now. I truly recommend PSI and Life Design for absolutely everyone no matter who you are. Thank you Success & You and Peter for these amazing programs you’ve created, and for sharing them.

Siobhan Srebniak

Life Design & PSI programs were life changers. After 46 years of carrying around emotional trauma affecting my relationships and work choices I went along to PSI and was to finally believe in my own self-worth in a supportive environment. I came away believing in my self-worth and immediately put in for a promotion and pay rise. I have been given more money than I asked for and more respect as well. Can’t praise the lovely team at Success & You enough for giving back my joy and self-esteem. To top it off I have recently completed Life Design and also came home implementing major positive changes in my financial circumstances with plenty of ideas goals and dreams to work on. I am a different person with renewed zest for a healthier lifestyle and happier relationship with my life partner especially from the wealth of information provided during the week. My favourite take away is the beautiful bond and ongoing positive support from my buddy, my team and the whole LD group from all over Australia. It was challenging both physically and mentally for the week but rewarding now that I am reaping the benefits I am now receiving . Can’t praise the Success & You presenters enough for such a great job. Thank you.

Heather Bryant

I feel as though when I look back on my life, all of the s*!t I’ve been through and didn’t expect to survive – and eventually stopped wanting to – that this will be the single most prominent pivot for when I turned it all around and started my life. I have Success & You to credit for my success, and I cannot thank you enough. You’ve blown my mind with what you do here…. And I suddenly find myself crying to write it. Thank you!

Alix O’Hara

13 years of bottled up hurt and emotion are gone. I am so excited about the future, the lessons I learned and the tools I have received during this course. I am confident I will secure a successful financial future, a healthier lifestyle and a new love for early morning exercise and meditation. All the presenters are world class speakers. If only I knew this information 25 years earlier.”

Mark Faulder

I have learnt that I can trust again and believe me myself. I also have learnt that I have to let go of my relationship and be happy. I do not want to be put down anymore. I love myself more than ever before and I am happy for it. I can trust a man again.

Rachel Tafili

This has been the most powerful, integral and life changing course I have ever attended, on all levels – mind, body and soul. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I wish I knew about it years ago.

Tracie Taft

What an experience! Looking back now, I realise how I was holding myself back in every aspect of life. I can now move forward in confidence, love and with a whole heap of new skills, plus the support to ensure I stay committed. I am transformed. I am at peace with me and who I am. I am so grateful for this experience and thankful that this program was created.”

Leigh Campbell