Limits Are Just in Your Mind – How George J. Ziogas Overcame Mental Barriers to Make More Money




It seems like success comes easily for some people. But for
others, it takes a lot of work. Take a look at some of George's rules of success.

Do opportunities fall into your lap?
Maybe you live a charmed life and great things just "happen" for you without even trying.
If you're like most of the population, though, your life's not like that.
George J. Ziogas is no stranger to working hard. He's been an HR Professional and OHC consultant for most of his professional life. Now he's also a prolific author. He knows what he wants. And he goes after it.
But that wasn't always the case.
Like everyone else, he had some mental barriers to deal with. Unlike everyone else, he overcame them with resounding success. And he's ready to share his tips with the world.
If you need to do a little work to reach success, you can follow George J. Ziogas' lead.
Mental barriers can wreak havoc on your best-laid plans.
You can get past them, though.
And once you overcome the ones that are stopping you from making more money?
Hello, life of abundance!
George once gave up his LinkedIn account because it never got him the jobs he wanted. He always had to go after those himself. And he was okay with that.
Maybe it's time to take a page out of this go-getter's book and make things happen for yourself.
But first, it's time to break down a few barriers.

George's Rules of Success

Are you sabotaging your own success?
You probably have goals for your future. Maybe you plan out every step and action to get to your goal. Yet success slips out of your grasp.
You may wonder what you're doing wrong. Are you working too hard? Not working hard enough?
It's hard to pinpoint the problem. But it may not be a situation or action.
It may be you.
That's right.
You could be getting in the way of your own success. Mental barriers are an insidious thing.
They creep up on you and lead to self-sabotage.
But you can rise above it.
People self-sabotage for a number of reasons. You may not be able to maintain control or you may have low self-esteem. Maybe you're seeking an ever-elusive "thrill" that never happens.
Whatever the case, self-sabotage is a very real thing. But you also have the power to stop if you put the work into it.
"Arguably, mindset is just as important as action, if not more."
Successful people weren't always successful. As George points out, there's always a backstory you never hear about. Successful people are quick to talk about the moves they're making. But they neglect to mention how mindset is just as important.
Move beyond your mental barriers and into a success mindset.
Let's take a look at some of George's rules of success:

Rule #1 – Overcome Ego

"When ego dies, the soul awakens."
Professional ego can be your downfall. Everyone has something to learn – even those who seem like they're on top of their game.
Learn to overcome your ego with these 5 simple tips:

1 – Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously
You're on top of the world. Maybe you just sold a company. And signed a multimillion-dollar deal for it. Everyone knows you're awesome.
But your attitude is everything. And what you convey to the rest of the room can open up new pportunities for learning.
2 – Be Someone You Would Want to Work With
How often do you hire people you don't like?
Odds are it doesn't happen often. People hire people they like. They make deals with people they like. People who give off the perception that they can get the job done.
Be that person.
3 – Not Everything Is About You
You may be an important person in the company. But not everything is about you. It's about the team. The best founders know they have blind spots. And they hire people with different backgrounds and perspectives to fill them.
4 – Stop Getting Defensive
The next time you go into the meeting, take an ego check.
Do you know how much ego should enter with you? Zero.
Always try to be positive and upbeat. Develop a reputation as a people person.
5 – Make Real Connections
It's easy to get caught up in end goals when you go to networking functions. But that may stop you from making real connections.
Be real. Get into conversations you're genuinely interested in.

Rule #2 – Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs 


Limiting beliefs are the opposite of ego. Many business owners have incredible potential, but they don't believe in themselves enough. And that can get in the way of success.

Limiting beliefs come in a variety of forms.

You may have fear-based beliefs like:

  • Money is a limited resource
  • Money can't buy me happiness
  • It takes a lot of money to start a business

Of course, there's a mindset to counter each one.

Instead of thinking, "Money is a limited resource," tell yourself "There's enough money for everyone willing to work for it."

If you've convinced yourself that money can't buy happiness, counter that idea. Remind yourself of the freedom money gives you.

And when you tell yourself that "It takes a lot of money to start a business?" Remind yourself that starting your own business can allow you an unlimited income.

The next time limiting beliefs creep in, try replacing those thoughts with a millionaire mindset.

Also, try to give and spend generously. The more you give away, the more you can receive.

Rule #3 – Overcome Imposter Syndrome 

Do you ever feel like the "odd man out" because you aren't like your competitors?

Imposter syndrome feels a little similar to limiting beliefs. It's the same negative talk that can hold you back from success. You may not feel worthy of your business success. And you may feel like a fraud.

You're not alone. Many people feel that way when they start a business.

The next time you feel imposter syndrome taking over, try these tricks:

  • Accept that you had some role in your successes
  • Let go of excess self-importance and perfection
  • Genuinely help someone else
  • Keep a file of your own wins
  • Stop comparing yourself to someone else
  • Express yourself completely

Also, realise that faking it doesn't mean you're a fraud. There's a reason why the phrase "fake it till you make it" is still popular today.

So, try smiling through negative feelings. Your body releases positive chemicals when you do.

Rule #4 – Overcome Procrastination Through Deliberate Practice  

Procrastination is the thief of success. If you apply yourself to a goal, you can achieve it.

Take action!

Contrary to popular belief, practising the same thing repetitively doesn't make you the top of your field. The key is deliberate practice, according to Professor Anders Ericsson. This means stepping out of your comfort zone. And going beyond your current abilities.

Is the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone terrifying?


But the only way to get better is to create well-defined goals and take action to achieve them.

Rule #5 – Overcome the Need to Measure Up

"It's not always visible, necessarily, but just about everyone who's become successful has gone through their own trials and tribulations in order to get to that point."

Many of us have this insatiable need to measure up to other people. Whether they're celebrity millionaires or next-door neighbours, there's always someone to compare to. And how often do you find yourself falling flat in the comparison?

The truth is, everyone has a backstory.

Success rarely happens immediately. There are a lot of growing pains involved with getting to a point of success. But many don't seem to understand that. And it can lead to a lot of frustration when someone encounters adversity.

Overcome the need to measure up to someone else. 

Your trials and tools are your own. And your journey is never identical to the person you're comparing yourself to.

Focus on your own journey instead.

"Nobody just ends up being successful on their own."

Surround yourself with positive influences and focus on your own mindset. Imagine surrounding yourself with the wrong type of person. They may not have an immediate effect on your success. But their negative mentality can eventually seep into your own.

On the other hand, the opposite is also true.

People who have positive vibes can put you in high spirits. And those good feelings can help you have a better outlook on the things you need to do.

Remember, you're always a work in progress. So, strive to be the best possible version of yourself.

It's Time to Take Down Those Barriers

As George points out, time and again, mindset is everything. Stop self-sabotaging and allow yourself to succeed with George's rules for success.

You're on a unique journey. So be kind to yourself. And be willing to learn along the way.

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