The Success & You Referral Program

Refer & Receive Cash Rewards Plus A Fantastic 3-Day Holiday (value $700) *accommodation only

Success and You, have been helping people to transform and reach their full potential since 1990. During that time, we have run 1,898 events, reached 48,800 people in intimate, personalised trainings. 

We started this company to help people identify and change their unconscious limiting patterns and live happy and fulfilled life. It’s our goal for you to be the best you can be and fulfil your potential. Change can happen in a weekend, but for sustained lasting transformation in all areas of life, a commitment to learning and clearing is even more effective.

Our dream is to help people let go of limitations and to move from fear to courage, hatred to love, judgement to acceptance, indecision to certainty and scarcity to prosperity. We ask for your support in making this happen.

Sharing the Gift!

Our clients recognise the life-changing impact our programs have on people, and they can’t help but share their experience with everyone they know. And because of the law of reciprocation, our referral partners will get rewarded mentally, emotionally, and financially in return.

If you have friends and family, colleagues and/or a network interested in learning how they can be growing their wealth, finding their freedom and living their passion, you could be earning commissions and rewards by letting them know about our programs.

The Rewards. It's a WIN-WIN-WIN. PLUS You Have a Chance to Get A Free Holiday (value $700).

By joining as a Referral Partner, you have the benefits of….

  • Potential to earn cash, get paid to help transform people's lives.
  • You win because you've helped others and receive some rewards.
  • The person you refer wins because they get to experience great trainings and to grow.
  • We win because we have the privilege of serving a new client and sharing the transformation.
  • Plus when you refer 2 people who pay for the Fire walk Experience by the end of June 2022 you will receive a fantastic 3 night holiday (accommodation only) at hotel in Australia. Please note: there is a small room tax of between $33 - $40 per night that's not included.

Helping People Grow and Achieve Their Dreams is Rewarding and One of the Fastest Routes to Success For You Both.

How Does the Referral Program Work?

It's Simple...

1. When you refer friends or family to the Firewalk Experience you will receive $75 per person (when they pay the early/bird or full price).

2. When you register as a Referral Partner through an online application form, we provide you with your unique referral code which is a link and a special Referral Partner toolbox with a few ways to use your referral code such as sending an email or posting on social media.

3. You simply communicate with friends and family, colleagues and social contacts using these tools and we can track who signs up for one of our programs from your referral.

4. We keep track of these signups in your affiliate portal, which you get access to see your referral commissions.

Become a Referral Partner

... and receive your unique referral link.

If you have an engaged database of (2,500+) or social contacts such as a group, we can also set you up with a special referral partner landing page. Email: [email protected], and one of the team will chat about this with you.

They attend the 2-day Firewalk Experience...

…their lives will be transformed.

You receive Cash Rewards!
Transferred to Your Account.
  • Be sure to use your unique referral link when sending out materials we provide or sharing information about the programs with friends on the phone, by email or on social media.
  • If you have an engaged database (2,500+ subscribers) or a Facebook group with 1,000+ members, we can also set you up with a special referral partner landing page. Simply email: [email protected] and one of our team will chat about this with you.

Join Now and Begin Earning and Sharing the Gift of Transformation at the Same Time.

  • Simply Click Here and Fill in the Form to Become a Referral Partner!
  • Check your email for a message from us with all the details.
  • Copy your personal referral link for The Fire walk Experience from the email and post it on your social media, email it to your friends & family members.
  • Use the username & password in the email to log in to your Referral Partner Centre to track your results.
  • Contact us by email or message us through our Facebook page if you need any help

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