Att: Mothers, Teachers, Nurses, & Educators Who Want to Earn More in Less Time.


Become A Success Coach

& THRIVE in 2021 and beyond.

Want Career Flexibility, To Earn A Stable Income & Help Others?

Build a sustainable coaching business

For now and in the future HELPING OTHERS to TRANSFORM - you will experience personal growth in the process too.

Follow a PROVEN system

Our coaching system does the heavy lifting for you. It's been developed over 21 years with SCRIPTS and TEMPLATES ready for you to use

Attract a steady flow of clients

Working on your terms (from anywhere and with flexibility).

Choose your own hours

(Part/full time) and EARN more in LESS time.

Are you wondering how to ensure you have a stable income working on your own terms-your own hours-as we continue to navigate these changing times?

Snap lockdowns can still happen and most industries have been impacted. Many people have lost their jobs or are resigning as they re evaluate their lives and decide what's important to them.

Have you adjusted to the changed conditions?

Are you prepared financially, emotionally and spiritually for the next 1-3 years?...

To set yourself up for the future.

Like one of our coaching graduates Andrea did.

Andrea’s path to motherhood required IVF and she was able to attend her many appointments and while building a coaching business. She has been able to thoroughly enjoy being a mum to her beautiful daughter while continuing to build her business all through the lockdowns over the last 2 years.

Her coaching business has allowed her to have the flexibility to work around per partner's work schedule as well as her parenting responsibilities. The coaching system has transformed her life and to support the life of others.

You CAN prosper in the new normal without a concern of losing your income like Andrea did.

In fact you can prosper...if you tap into the wealth of opportunities right now.

Consumer confidence is high in Australia. People are buying, just look at the property and share markets both are at an all time high.

And one of the industries most in demand right now is Personal Coaching and Online Education.

That's because health practitioners, fitness consultants, events and most industries have changed the way they do business.

Many who are thriving have shifted, by resetting their lives, moving out of cities and changing their jobs or careers....

It's called the Great Resignation which is seeing millions of people rethink their careers.

And many people are upskilling and improving themselves to adjust to the changing market circumstances.

The restrictions of the last 2 years have caused a lot of anxiety and yet, it's an opportune time to grow, to adapt, and reboot your career.

When you have something of value to offer coaching clients, they will pay you for the service because you are empowering them, helping them to grow and move forward.

If you know, you can help other Australians, and you want more meaning in your life...

To contribute and impart your life experience to help others while also creating the life you desire and deserve.

Join us for this FREE special webinar: Become a Success Coach & Thrive in 2021 and beyond.

When You Decide To Become a Success Coach...

  • You’ll be creating an a safe environment for your clients, and you’ll be coaching them on how to be fully responsible for their own lives
  • The work that your clients do with you will be fascinating and challenging for them
  • Your clients will come to treasure their relationship with you
  • The positive feedback you give to your clients can transform the way they act and feel about themselves

Take the first step towards a fulfilling life...

Want To Start A Coaching Business To Earn an Income and Help Others?...

That's exactly why we created this...


Become A Success Coach

And THRIVE in the new normal

YOU Can Prosper if You're Prepared

If you want a stable, reliable income that you can depend on in any economy...

Then tune into this FREE live training

Real People, Real Results

When Sam came first attended one of our course, she was experiencing high levels of anxiety and wasn't where she wanted to be in her life. Since doing the Coaching program (BSC) in 2018, Sam has doubled her income, bought her first home and now experiences very little anxiety.

Sam recently became engaged and is looking forward to her dream wedding while she is also working towards her first investment property! All at the age of of 27.


"The coaching for life & business program is completely worth the commitment. The nature of the course enables you to truly consolidate your learnings and understand how to coach, how to be a great coach, and how to set up your business for success. Not only that you also develop personally and make connections with like-minded people that will keep you accountable to your goals".


Rachel Forward graduated from the coaching program 4 years ago.

Rachel has an accounting background and prior to coming to the course was looking for new ways to help business owners.

What she recognised through her experience was that often it was the business owners themselves getting in the way of their business.

Rachel has combined her skills and now supports business owners with both their accounting needs as well as developing and growing their businesses using her coaching skills.

Rachel says this was also a great choice for her as a mum as she was able to be there for her children, while they went through their senior years of high school.


Who Is This For?

  • This is for you if you want to learn how to empower people to live their best life.
  • If you want to add another stream of income and live the life your desire.
  • If you want to add another stream of income and live the life your desire.
  • If you want to add another stream of income and live the life your desire.

You Will Learn To:

  • Take clients on a success journey that will empower them to achieve their goals in alignment with their life purpose.
  • Educate clients about their strengths, skills and attributes required to be successful.
  • Educate clients about their strengths, skills and attributes required to be successful.
  • Follow the proven system: The coaching system does the heavy lifting so you can help every client get great results - every time. We developed this unique system over the last 21 years with scripts and templates.
  • Coach and facilitate people to lose weight, be healthy, find love, become better parents, manage their emotions or grow their businesses.
  • Attract a steady flow of clients working on your terms (from anywhere and with flexibility).

Alfina Lofaro

Your Host and Success Coach

Alfina’s purpose in life and as a coach is to compassionately educate herself and others in order to create an extraordinary and inspiring future.

Over the last 22 years Alfina has been an educator in a variety of locations and across many different subject areas. Originally qualified as a Drama and English teacher she has also spent 15 years teaching, English as Second Language, Italian, History and Geography. Alfina has also enjoyed success in the field of corporate training. Over the last 7 years, Alfina has become a very successful coach and presenter here at Success and You. She is known as the coach of coaches.

Alfina leads our Coach Training courses and ensures that all graduates are equipped to be successful .

Alfina’s experience as an educator has allowed her to seamlessly transition into and to become very successful as a coach. This is due to her belief that education is the most important key to positive and lasting change, whether it be on an individual, organisational or community scale.

Alfina is committed to inspiring her clients to make positive and lasting change in all areas of their life. She is also passionate about training and coaching coaches that run powerful and profitable businesses.

Become A Success Coach

And THRIVE in the new normal