Make Connections, End Anxiety

Gain Clarity, Take Back Control, Be Inspired.
Join Us At The VIBE PROGRAM Live Online. 

The latest restrictions and lockdowns have affected so many of us.  Many are feeling despondent, fatigued, disconnected and overwhelmed by the continuing uncertainty.  This then leads to low emotional states, lack of motivation, anxiety, and fear.

John Brogden of Lifeline said "they recorded the most calls in 57 years in one day on Tuesday... 3,345 calls because people are struggling with financial pressures, uncertainty, loneliness and are unable to visit family."

There is no doubt we need to release the pressure valve which is why we created the VIBE PROGRAM.

Imagine if you started your day inspired, energised, connected, entertained motivated, and excited?

Imagine how much more you would get out of life especially in these difficult times! Together we inspire each other to achieve more, be on purpose, get our finances on track and be confident to pursue our goals and dreams.

In one power-packed, inspiring hour you will:

  • Discover innovative ways to overcome financial difficulties  
  • End loneliness and make connections and friendships with like-minded people
  • Be inspired by real - life examples of how others are taking back control
  • Feel positive and energised with fun exercises and meditations
  • Be in control of your emotions, health, vitality, relationships and finances
  • Get more focus and clarity about your next steps
  • And other fun surprises.

There will be some sharing to remove any obstacles you want to overcome, and strategies to use every single day.
This is a one hour away from your morning routine to focus on you, having fun and setting yourself up for a magical day every day for 12 weeks and beyond.

Wake Up Each Morning With Your Trainers & Coaches

Peter Conna

  • Money Magician
  • Systematic and Practical
  • Heart of Gold
  • Head Honcho
  • Emotional Clearing Wizard

Jodie Conna

  • Relationship Expert
  • Super Gymnast
  • Positively Sparkles
  • Co-Head Honcho
  • Emanates Love
  • Loves Kids - Mum to 4

Alfina Lofaro

  • Coaches Coach
  • Coach Extraordinaire
  • The Teacher You Wish You Had
  • Fun and Funny

Niki Bowen

  • Phoenix and Firewalk Instructor
  • Health Expert
  • Master Storyteller
  • Mum at 51

Emrys Ari - Your Hostess

  • Videographer
  • Entertainer (Sings Like a Canary)
  • Dance and Yoga Leader
  • Creator of Fun, Engagement and Excitement
  • Walking Heart

Program Details

Date: Monday 9th August, 2021
Time: 6.45 am to 7.45 am
Venue: Online Zoom Hour of Power
Price: $995.00 (payment plan available)
Bonus: Receive 2 tickets to the Fire walk Experience (value $545)
Duration: 12 Weeks


  • Setting Your Intention: Daily, Weekly, Goal Setting
  • Inspiring, Educating & Motivating Mind Stuff To Get You Moving Forward
  • Health: Nutrition, Yoga, Dance, & Simple, Fun Exercise Practices
  • Relationships: Tips, Sharing and Connecting With Others
  • Emotions: Clearing Techniques, Focus on "Word of the Day"
  • Soul: Guided Meditations, Gratitude Practices
  • Lots of Surprise Fun Stuff

Claim Your Place Today

The VIBE PROGRAM LIVE ONLINE won’t be like your everyday Zoom call either.

We are planning the same level of attention to interaction and learning we put into all of our events into this virtual experience. It's going to be just as INSPIRING, INFORMATIVE and ENGAGING and FUN.

Plus, being virtual means we get to do some super fun things that are ONLY possible because we are going to be connecting online. I'm excited about a couple of surprises we’re planning.

It will be an amazing 12 weeks that is highly INFORMATIVE and ENGAGING — giving you practical skills and experiences for GROWING and THRIVING.

Plus, unforgettable FUN and CONNECTION with members of our community from all over Australia.

So, if you're struggling to get out of bed with little to look forward to. Perhaps you are struggling... feeling stressed, lonely or anxious - join us at VIBE, get your mojo back and get back on track to achieving the life you dream of.

Hear new ideas and perspectives from our top coaches and trainers

Get connected with new friends!

Share stories and be inspired by others.

Get a new direction for your life in any area!

Awesome program to invigorate you (it's like setting the reset button)!

Virtual, fun, happy hour.

Your Bonus Special Offer

To help you to continue your growth and learnings we are gifting you 2 x FREE tickets to the live Fire walk Experience - value $545.00 when you register for The VIBE Program. You must register by Friday August 6th, 2021 to be eligible for this offer.

We are the average of the 5 people we hang around with.

Wake up with the best!

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