Brand NEW Signature Personalised Program!

Frustrated & Fearful to Happy & Flourishing!

Ready to transform your LIFE in Health, Wealth, and Relationships?

AND stop slipping back into the same old limiting habits.

Why the "IKEA flatpack" approach doesn't work... This new system is the future of personal development. Discover a complete, guided program that's proven to deliver transformational results where other programs fail.

Watch this video by our Top Trainer and Coach, Alfina Lofaro and make 2021 the year when everything changes, with a new you that you'll barely recognise.

Have you ever imagined your ideal life?

What if you could wave a magic wand and have everything you want now?

Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Imagine being financially free and having more than enough money to take your family on holidays whenever you want.

To have a job or business, you enjoy.

Loving relationships…

Vital health... lots of energy and a fit body.

Time for YOU to pursue relaxation and hobbies you enjoy.

And motivation, clarity and focus to keep moving forward.

Now, you might be thinking, "Sure, that sounds great, but what's the point of dreaming?"

What if it wasn't a dream? 

What if became your reality.


What If There Was A Proven Shortcut To Help You Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams... Not In The Next 10 Years, Not 5 Years, But By This Time Next Year?

Before you answer that question, answer this: Do you think you could ever see yourself paying someone thousands to talk to them on the phone for an hour?

That could be considered an expensive phone call.

And what if every time you spoke to this mentor, the results in your life greatly improved and the return on your investment was many times.

Many of our clients willingly pay this and with good reason - we help them to get them results fast, it's a simple as that!

Kelly Regained Confidence and Financial Independence After Divorce

Kelly went through an unexpected divorce, leaving her both emotionally devastated and financially lost.

Her husband had always handled their money.

Without him Kelly had no idea how to prepare for retirement, or even if she'd be able to afford to retire.

After being mentored by the Total Life Makeover team, Kelly gained the confidence to renovate and sell the family home…

Downsizing to a property that suited her new single life.

That cut her expenses and also earned a healthy profit, which she decided to invest in shares.

At the same time, Kelly has also been able to overcome the pain of her divorce and refresh her dating skills.

As a confident, financially independent woman, Kelly is able to meet men as equals and find her ideal relationship.

I shared this example in the hope that you will be inspired to pay closer attention.

After talking to thousands of people across the globe, from different professions: including nurses, teachers, receptionists, human resource managers, fitness professionals, lawyers, accountants, you name it, it became clear that they were all experiencing similar problems.

 Financial Freedom

Vibrant Health

Loving Relationships

No Matter What They Were Seeking To Accomplish, The Same Roadblocks Stood In Their Way...

The funny thing is, just about every single one of these "roadblocks" were easy to release.

Well, they were easy to remove once they were able to see them. 

That's the challenge.  

All they could tell me was their current situation and how they were feeling.

The typical person barely had time for themselves (had to take care of kids), struggled financially, lacked motivation, some felt they failed in their relationship compared to others, and many suffered from fatigue, low energy or other health problems. 

They were frustrated and felt like was no way to get off this treadmill, and life felt like GROUNDHOG day EVERY day.

Before talking to me, they weren't able to see what was preventing them from achieving success in all areas of their lives.

And that's what I do. I've devoted my life to see the patterns, habits and beliefs that are stopping someone from being all they can be…  

And to help them to formulate a plan, they can then take action on to get the results they want. 

Sometimes I wondered, though, why others couldn't see11 what was limiting them. It's like having a blind spot. It's like driving a car; there is one spot you can't see - even in the rear-view mirror. 

Then A Profound Thought Struck Me...

In my mind, I had been operating out of a very specific set of principles and using a very specific system that allowed me to get what I want again and again.

What if I could distil my life's work and replicate this for others.

More on this in a minute...

Now, in addition to my clients, there are a lot of people who write to me looking for help, and I do my best to help every single one.

Emails and text messages flood into my inbox every single day…

And I'm thankful to have a fantastic team, and it's just impossible to take care of every single person who writes in.

I talked with Jodie about this and expressed how frustrating it is that I don't have the time to personally help every person who writes in.

Finally, the realisation hit…

What if my hunch was correct?

What if my theory that everything I told my clients could be distilled into a number of easy to understand lessons was valid?

If it were, I could then create a systematic way for everyone to learn these principles.

Over time I began to take notes and consciously formalise these key principles for LASTING success.


I Decided To Put All Of This Information Together Into An Easily Useable System

It would have to be so simple that anyone could easily incorporate it into their daily lives and see quick wins no matter how busy they were…

That was it.

I first set out to define the parameters.

Over time I narrowed it down to several key ideas that were fundamental to the success for everyone.

The people to whom I've shown this information said it was like finally being able to see a way forward. 

It took 21 years and over 45,000 people personally coached by the team, and I plus all the experimentation, study, coaching, mentoring, trial and error to find out why some people stayed stuck while others achieved everything they wanted to develop this brand NEW system.

Like Sherlock Holmes, I started to piece all the clues together…

I'm talking about the clues to success.

I uncovered the critical difference between those who succeed and those who don't.

One of the key differences is those who are "making it" quickly have a coach or mentor, and they follow a tested formula.


My new system was born designed to help you transform your life within 12 months in all three areas.

Physical - health, fitness & vitality

Financial - income & wealth

Relationships - friends, family & intimate partner

More on this in a minute…


Let Me Share An "Insider Secret" With You…

You see, most transformational programs are based on what I call the "IKEA flat pack system".

What exactly do I mean by that?

Remember, I told you that no matter what most of my clients were seeking to accomplish, the same roadblocks stood in their way

Well… while most of my clients face similar problems, that doesn't mean the solutions can be the same too.

And that's why most transformational programs are off the mark. 

They deliver people the exact same training like it's a piece of furniture from IKEA.

Even though they may have different levels of skills, experience, goals and maybe at a different starting point.

What's right for Jennifer may not be right for Sally – and vice-versa.

It's why it can work for a while for some but, it's rarely change that lasts before they feel themselves slipping back into the old habits and patterns.

I know this because I've been there.

Since those early years, when I started my personal development journey, I've discovered a few things.

I've learned a lot about building habits and self-discipline, but at times I felt overwhelmed. There were so many things I was "supposed" to do.

Like a kid in a candy store… I didn't know where to begin, and there was so much to read and learn.

I was told I absolutely had to start meditating, that it was essential to success. I had to start journaling. I had to wake up at 4 am and start exercising, although I've always been a night-owl. I had to have a fixed routine. I had to write down my goals and put them up on my walls. I had to have a five, twelve or twenty-two step plan...

…and the list seemed to go on and on forever.

…while I still had all my family and work responsibilities to tend to.

I Felt As If These Programs Didn't Take Into Account My Skills, Learning Style, And Most Importantly, My Time.

Instead, start believing everything you need is all within you!

That's right, and you have all the resources you need to succeed.

You might be thinking… that's easier said than done. How do I even do that?

We're all here on earth to live our purpose or our "why". We're meant to be…

  • Happy
  • Healthy
  • Wealthy

I mean in every aspect of your life, including relationships.

We just need some guidance to get back on track… that's all.

We've all constantly bombarded with information from social media, mainstream media, information at work or from friends, and it can be confusing.

If you've ever been on an online summit, there are so many speakers, and often their suggestions are conflicting. It's usually great information, but it's hard to remember much after it's over.

That's because our minds can only process 7 +-2 bits of information at any one time. We delete the rest.

Our habits and patterns were first formed in childhood. We adopted beliefs and patterns of behaviour through modelling our parents, caregivers and teachers in the first 7 years of life.

And when we are young, our minds are like sponges soaking up everything we hear, see and feel, and intuit.

This mindset becomes the operating procedure or foundation of how we perceive the world, relationships, money and health.

Our parents and caregivers do the best they can to equip us with life-skills, and then after school or university, we are pretty much left on our own.

Just like students of most personal development courses, people are left on their own at the end of the course to master what they've learned and put it into practice.

This is similar to a confused IKEA customer trying to assemble their new furniture with a single spanner.

It's frustrating because they just want to get the furniture ready-to-use quickly.

With no one to provide encouragement, advice or support, it's quite common to get off track, lose momentum and to feel frustrated. Then they finally reach out for support to get the darn thing put together. 

The Truth Is… That None Of These "Solutions" Are The Answer You're Seeking.

The thing is that the multibillion-dollar self-improvement industry assumes there's always something wrong happening with you –there's a tiny piece of information which is the missing puzzle in your life…

And I assumed that for myself at that time.

Here's What The Total  Life Makeover Program With Its Unique System Comes Into Play.

I promised I would show you this in a minute, right?

Well, it's called the "S.E.P.T.E.M.B.E.R. system" and to make it as simple as possible for you…

The "S.E.P.T.E.M.B.E.R. System" is Like A Spring Clean.

Think of it as sprucing up your mind, body, finances and emotions, just like in September when you feel the urge to spring clean your house.

Throwing out anything not wanted anymore and creating space in your wardrobe for a new piece of clothing you have had your eye on for months or gifts for the kids.

You may even delete all the old messages clogging your computer.

Just like we need to install new software on our computers from time to time. A spring clean is like upgrading your mindset –it's a reset or reboot.

You'll have the team and I by your side as your coaches giving you encouragement, and...

Very you'll have and breakthrough after breakthrough.

If I showed you the "S.E.P.T.E.M.B.E.R. system" now without first showing how to properly use it, it wouldn't have the same effect as guiding you through it at your own pace.

So let's dig deeper into what the "S.E.P.T.E.M.B.E.R. system" is all about.

It's an acronym, and it stands for…

Starting point – Since your starting point will be different from everyone else's starting point, the steps you will follow will be unique and different from what others will follow.

End result – Just like the starting point, the specific goals you want to achieve will be as unique as your fingerprints.

Plan – Your plan will be tailored specifically to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Your plan will give you clarity and help you focus on clear specific goals to take daily action towards achieving them. You'll start by experiencing small, frequent wins, which you can build on to achieve bigger goals.

Team – You'll be supported by a team of experts in each area – physical, mindset, financial, relationships. Any time you feel stuck, you'll have experts to help you move forwards.

Environment – We believe that nobody works alone. You will join a Facebook community of positive, motivated achievers who want to see you succeed.

You may have the heard the quote, "You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with". Imagine being mentored by people who have achieved the life you want. That's the fast track to success.

Meaning – Life is all about the meaning we attach to it. If you start by uncovering your purpose and what motivates you and then align your goals with that, then life begins to flow in the direction you want.

Beliefs – No one can outperform their beliefs. Our mentors and coaches will help you release limitations from the past, guide you to stop looking into the rear-view mirror and focus on a bright future.

Extend – A training program or course which is completed in just a few days is less likely to deliver permanent transformation. What you need is total immersion, frequent touchpoints and accountability over a full 12 months for you to experience lasting change.

Results/Reset – Once you achieve your initial goals, you will need a reset to keep moving forwards.

It's What Led To Creating “The Reset Your Life Program: Total Life Makeover”

Total Life Makeover is a complete, guided, personalised program that is designed to exactly suit you and provide everything you need to succeed with mentors and coaches and accountability to guide you to win at the Game of Life.

In the next 12 months, you can transform your body, enjoy vitality, embrace great relationships and experience the feeling of true financial freedom, which brings peace-of-mind and enables you to live the life of your dreams.

Let's take a quick minute and show you how Total Life Makeover will help you transform your life in these three areas:

In the next 12 months, you can transform your body, enjoy vitality, embrace great relationships and experience the feeling of true financial freedom, which brings peace-of-mind and enables you to live the life of your dreams.

Let's take a quick minute and show you how Total Life Makeover will help you transform your life in these three areas:

Physical Well-being

An expert will assess your current well-being situation and design a customised program of healthy eating and exercise. 

You will be mentored and encouraged each month. Be prepared to see a stronger, fitter and leaner you when you look in the mirror.

You'll have more energy to enjoy life and stop feeling drained or tired at the end of an exhausting day at work.

Financial Well-being

I will mentor you for 12 months to improve your financial situation. I will show you how to reduce expenses, earn a higher income and even generate additional income through a side business.

Your money worries will begin to fade and disappear as your income becomes more stable and your savings increase.

Relationship Well-being

Jodie Conna and other top coaches will mentor you to learn advanced relationship skills. The skills you acquire will help you sidestep relationship challenges and quickly fix any that arise.

Watch your relationships blossom with your partner, children, parents, work colleagues and friends.

That's not all.

You'll Also Receive These Two Incredible Bonuses


Inspire Weekly for 12 months ($1,200 Value)

Every week, a Success & You coach will jump online for a 30-minute live session to educate, motivate and inspire you towards achieving your goals.

This way, you don't feel that you're alone and what step you need to take next towards achieving your goals.

It's also an opportunity to get all your questions answered and listen to answers to questions asked by other members. These are questions which may not even have occurred to you but are relevant to your success.


Free Holiday on Us (Approx. $940 Value)

As a reward for taking action and to experience what your life can be like in the next 12 months, you'll also get a free holiday that includes 4 nights' accommodation in a 4-star hotel.

You'll be able to choose from 25 locations around Australia, including the capital cities and popular tourist destinations such as the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Great Ocean Road region and NSW North Coast.

If you're the least bit hesitant, here are some students whose lives have been transformed by the Total Life Makeover program:

See What Our Clients Have To Say:

Naomi Went from Single to Attracting a Loving Relationship in 6 Months

Naomi was single and adamant; she was not getting into a relationship and didn't want one.

She insisted, "I'm happy being single" after a string of partners who were controlling and hostile.

Working with the Total Life Makeover mentors, Naomi began to see her relationship patterns and realise she'd been attracting men like her father.

She thought she'd moved on from the past hurts with her dad, but it was still having an impact on her.

Naomi was finally able to let go of that baggage and get back on the dating scene.

Getting fit and into fantastic shape gave her the confidence to go for what she wanted, and soon she attracted a healthy, loving relationship.

Tracey Heals Relationship With Her Parents

Tracey's divorce was made even harder without the support of her parents.

After a bitter fight, she was estranged from them and hadn't spoken to them in years.

Now they were at an age where they could pass away without Tracey speaking to them again.

Tracey learned new relationship skills with the Total Life Makeover team at the same time as she set up a self-managed super fund and took control of her financial future.

By the time she'd purchased her first investment property through the super fund, she was ready to reconcile with her parents.

She'd released her past anger towards them and learned a better way to communicate, one that didn't provoke hostility and instead supported a healthy relationship.

Tracey had her parents back in her life and, even more importantly, back in her children's lives.

My 30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee

I'm so confident that the Total Life Makeover program will help you achieve a healthy, happy and financially abundant life that I'm willing to offer you a 30 day. No questions asked 100% money-back guarantee.

If after 30 days you feel that you haven't received everything value then, every cent you have invested will be returned to you. If you're not happy, I don't want your money.

Let's be honest; this is an easy decision.

You know, Total Life Makeover will transform your life. Not just in one area but all three important areas of your life.

Your Health. Your Wealth and Your Finances.

Can you imagine what it will be like this time next year when you feel healthier and in the best shape you've been in years?...

… you're free from money worries.

And you enjoy loving relationships with your partner, children, family and friends?

It's a complete reset of your life.

Allow the NEW you to that is confident and in control.

One more thing.

This program takes commitment and work on your part.

Who Is This For:

Fair Warning:

This is a tailored program and not a one-size-fits-all solution, and we invest considerable time and effort to ensure it gets great results for you.

From your side, you need to be willing to invest to succeed. In case you are wondering - yes - there is an investment required. You'll also need to promise to put in the effort. 

Yes, we will support, teach, encourage and inspire you, and yet, the result will depend on you sticking with the program for 12 months that's required.
If you're willing to be open-minded…

Follow and implement your tailor-made plan…

Do whatever it takes with our help.

And not give up even if you feel like it at times… WILL achieve the transformation you seek.

Whether it's financial freedom, better health and loving relationships and being in control of your life and your future.

If you want that to be your reality and are serious about achieving your dream lifestyle,

you need to act now!

Click on the button below, and you'll be taken to a short application form.

Once you complete the short form with your details, then you book a Discovery Call to explore if this program is a match for you, and from our side, we let you know if we can assist you.

As much we would like to accept everyone, to be fair, we can only take on those who are willing and committed to working towards their goals.

If you know, it's time to change the trajectory of your life.

Yes, I want to book a free call.

Fill out the form with your details…

We need to know a few details about you and where you are in your life, and what you want to achieve on the call.

I can assure you this is worth a call. 

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

With love,

Peter and Jodie Conna

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