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Congratulations on your decision to attend the Personal Success Intensive, online event that will give you the focus, commitment, clarity, and confidence you need to get moving towards your goals and dreams!

We work on all areas of your life, from health and emotions to relationships and finances! Success and You has been running this program for 19 years, and have worked with over 45,000 clients nationwide so you’re in safe hands.

How To Make The Most Of This Event

Life can easily get in the way of us doing the important things. It sometimes feels like we're on a treadmill, hoping that we'll have a moment sometime in the future to catch our breath. Well this online event is your moment.

So put everything on hold and get ready for a fabulous 90 mins of learning and fun!

There are a just few things we'd love you to do before you show up.

Firstly, give yourself some time in the next week to write down what you would like to get from the online event...

  • Is it more motivation?
  • Some support with relationships?
  • More confidence?
  • Do you need an improvement in your health?

The more specific you are in what you want, the more we can help you! And if you don't know, that's perfect too; we know you'll still find so much value in the online event.

If you would like to bring someone along to share the experience with you, please invite them to register on the main page.

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Personal Success Intensive ONLINE EVENT

Your Presenter: Jodie Conna

Jodie is an entrepreneur and relationship mentor. She is happily married to Peter Conna, her husband of 12 years, and is a mother to 4 beautiful children.

She has been a relationship educator and coach to thousands for over a decade.

Her loving and fun personality overlies her deep passion for helping children and adults live an extraordinary life.

Her husband Peter the founder of Success and You is driven by a strong sense of contribution, Peter has:

  • Raised over $625,000 for the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Australia
  • Set up the eQ Foundation Ltd charity to sponsor the health and education of children here in Australia and abroad
  • Launched and funded the Clean Up Bali campaign, employing full-time recyclers in Bali and educating children about the importance of taking care of the environment
  • Launched the Aqualish brand of water. The brainchild of their beautiful daughters, Aqualish sponsors clean drinking water for children in developing countries.

Personal Success Intensive

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